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We supply affordable technology that can remotely monitor any type of kitchen equipment in real time.


We specialise in monitoring all parts of high volume drinks dispensing systems – energy consumption, poured drink temperatures, mains water flow & pressures, water filter performance, filter replacement schedules - all of which can be used to monitor quality, deliver major cost-savings & introduce a truly predictive servicing process. 


We started off by proving to the Food Standards Agency that temperature sensors in fridges & freezers were more reliable & cheaper than human checks done as part of any HACCP regime, so we have extensive experience in the accurate temperature & power monitoring of fridges, freezers, vendors & chillers.


We’re still the only company ever to have subjected their sensors to this level of scrutiny.


We have some very big customers, but we're small & flexible. If you have problem that you need help with, we’re very happy to help you create a solution.

Who are we?

Who are we?


Cost savings & peace of mind

Do you really need it? Like most new technology, you have the right to be sceptical about what it can do & the savings it can deliver. But we’d ask you to consider one thing - Coca-Cola, McDonald’s & Ben&Jerry’s have adopted it after rigorous, long-term testing, so we've done the due diligence.


Real time monitoring allows all of our customers to keep a close eye on the performance of their key equipment without having to make unnecessary visits to their sites. Not only is that useful in an uncertain trading environment, it delivers a substantial positive & ongoing environmental benefit through a measurable reduction in the number of engineering visits, vehicle emissions etc.

“The Telemetry system has paid for itself a number of times over & the staff love its simplicity.
It’s a no-brainer for us.”

Operations Director, Ben & Jerry’s

One system, multiple benefits

Monitor the performance of your key equipment in real time from your laptop or phone

Equipment alerts with fully adjustable parameters to tell you when something’s not right

Spot & fix problems faster, plus the ability to check that any repair has worked

A single system across all of your equipment, no matter who the manufacturer is

Power monitoring - check your running costs & work out the payback on replacement equipment

A single website to check all of your data, with downloadable reports & long-term record storage

Automate a time-consuming & expensive part of your HACCP process

Specialist equipment audit & performance reports available

Low daily costs 

IoT image.png

The Internet of Things (IoT) & You

There’s been a lot written about the IoT, but at its most basic, it’s about connecting ‘dumb’ things, like fridges, to the internet. In truth, that’s only really useful if you’re going to use the data it produces.

Our data collection is pretty clever, but it’s what you do with the data that matters. We specialise in producing simple, actionable reports that highlight the issues that your data throws up.

Here are a few examples of what we do:

Feasibility Study

There are a number of sensors on the market, but only ours have been through the rigour of a Food Standards Agency Feasibility Study. The FSA are the harshest critic out there, so under their scrutiny we tested our sensors in various restaurant & Street Food locations across 3 different Local Authorities and gave the FSA and the local Food Safety Officers access to all of the data. You can read the full study here but the FSA are happy that we have:


"..demonstrated the value of using a digital system as an alternative to paper based systems, for the purposes of regulated assurance of food safety."


Our Partners

Partners & case studies

To view our case studies simply click the logo.

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How does it work?


You brief us on items to be monitored, the performance parameters and how often the data is required. 


The sensors monitor every few seconds and transmit data at your chosen intervals via the base station. No host WiFi is needed. 


The data is sent via a secure cloud server to a central server to which only you have access.


The data is displayed via a simple custom dashboard - or sent directly just to your data management system. Specific reports and alerts can be created for different business functions.

How it works

Our sensors & portal

Our battery-powered LoRa sensors send their data securely to either a SIM-based or WiFi/LAN connected gateway. The sensors can be programmed to transmit temperature, power or flow data as often as you need, as often as once a minute. 

Our data portal is also very simple. Your data is available in graph format or you can download it in raw format. Your estate can be seen on a site by site basis, or collectively.

Temperature sensors in fridges & freezers require no wiring at all. Our power & water sensors require a bit more installation, but our Coca-Cola approved installers (SDMS) have years of expertise in this area. The transmission technology & sensors are exactly the same though.

The Internet of Things can be complicated.

This isn't, but if you have any questions, we're always happy to chat .

Our Sensors
About us

Telemetry was set by people who believe that truly affordable real time monitoring & tracking of key equipment can save businesses precious time & substantially reduce costs.

Piers Skinner

Piers was the Customer Director for a rather large soft drink company for a decade during which, among other things, he was primarily responsible for strategic customer alliances across Leisure, Entertainment & Foodservice.

Tel: +44 7973 383 705

Steve Dine

Having run field engineering for Coca-Cola/Schweppes , Steve set up his own business in 1992 and has looked after the installation, servicing, maintenance & quality of Coca-Cola equipment in foodservice for over 25yrs.


Tel: +44 7979 857 992


Get in touch

For all enquiries, to discuss our customised solutions, or for more information, please contact usWe'll happily buy you a coffee to discuss what you need.


+44 (0)1732 441159

+44 (0) 7973 383 705

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